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Selections from Gon Chūnagon Saneki Kyō no haha shū (Collected Poems of the Mother of Acting Middle Counselor Lord Saneki, late 13th century); Kaokushō (Kaoku’s Gleanings, 1594) and Gyokueishū (Gyokuei’s Collection, 1602), by Kaoku Gyokuei (1526-after 1602); Sassa Seisetsu’s Preface to Shinshaku Genji monogatari (1911); “Upon finishing Shin’yaku Genji monogatari” (1913) and “Afterword” to Shin-shin’yaku Genji monogatari (1939), both by Yosano Akiko, total 13,300 words. In Reading The Tale of Genji: Sources From the First Millennium. Edited by Thomas Harper and Haruo Shirane. New York: Columbia University Press.


“Japanese Literature as World Literature: The Importance of Translation.” In Japanese Literature and World Literature: A Symposium at Waseda University. Edited by Michael Gardiner, Nori Morita, and Annabella Massey. Tokyo: Seibunsha, pp. 12-14.
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Translation of Wakita Haruko, “The Japanese Woman in the Premodern Merchant Household.” Women’s History Review 19.2: 259-282.
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“Where did all the women go?” ハルオ・シラネ編『越境する日本文学研究 カノン形成・ジェンダー・メディア / New Horizons in Japanese Literary Studies: Canon Formation, Gender, and Media 』勉誠出版、pp. 67-70. Japanese version translated by Yoshio Hitomi 由尾瞳, pp. 73-76.

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“‘The Tanizaki Genji’: Inception, Process, and Afterthoughts.” Co-authored with Ibuki Kazuko, with translations by Thomas Harper of Tanizaki Jun’ichirō’s “On Translating The Tale of Genji into Modern Japanese” (1938) and “Some Malicious Remarks” (1965). In The Grand Old Man and the Great Tradition: Essays on Tanizaki Jun’ichirō in Honor of Adriana Boscaro. Edited by Luisa Bienati and Bonaventura Ruperti. Ann Arbor: Center for Japanese Studies, The University of Michigan, 2009, pp. 25-52.

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First published in Japanese as:

「『谷崎源氏』端緒、経過、再考」千葉俊二、アンヌ バヤール・坂井編『谷崎潤一郎 境界を越えて』笠間書院、pp. 176-198.(伊吹和子との共著・西野厚志訳)

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「『遅れてきた姫君』の系譜—慶福院花屋玉栄の場合」陣野英則、橫溝博編『平安文学の古注釈と受容』武蔵野書院、pp. 21-25.

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「明治・大正の『源氏物語』—『新訳源氏物語』の誕生をめぐって」千葉俊二編『近代文学における源氏物語』(『講座源氏物語研究』第六巻)おうふう、pp. 29-47.

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“A Single White Chrysanthemum for General Macarthur: Meeting Masuda Sayo.” Transactions of the Asiatic Society of Japan, fourth series, vol. 19: 59-70.


Entries (22) for the on-line Dictionary of Sources of Classical Japan (DSCJ). Edited by Joan Piggott et al. Historiographical Institute, The University of Tokyo.

Access at: http://wwwap.hi.u-tokyo.ac.jp/ships/shipscontroller-e

Reprinted in: Dictionary of Sources of Classical Japan. Edited by Joan Piggott et al. Paris: Collège de France, 2006.



「与謝野晶子の『新訳源氏物語』—その誤訳の意義をめぐって」伊井春樹編『日本文学:翻訳の可能性 / Japanese Literature: The Possibility of Translation』風間書房、pp. 98-107.


“Prostitutes against the Prostitution Prevention Act of 1956.” U.S.-Japan Women’s Journal no. 23: 39-56.
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“Memoirs of a Real Geisha: Masuda Sayo’s Geisha: Half a Lifetime of Pain and Struggle.” In Across Time and Genre: Reading and Writing Japanese Women’s Texts. Edited by Janice Brown and Sonja Arnzten. Edmonton: University of Alberta, pp. 222-225.


“Yosano Akiko’s Poems ‘In Praise of The Tale of Genji‘.” Monumenta Nipponica 56.4: 439-486.



Reprinted as「与謝野晶子と出会って二十年」in 伊井春樹編『国際化の中の日本文学研究 / Japanese Literature Research in the International Context』風間書房、167-171.


“Textual Malfeasance in Yosano Akiko’s Shin’yaku Genji monogatari.” Harvard Journal of Asiatic Studies 58.1: 201-219.


“Literary Canon and National Identity: The Tale of Genji in Meiji Japan.” Japan Forum 9.1: 1-15.
Winner of the Canon Prize for the best article published in Japan Forum, 1997.
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Translation of Ichikawa Chihiro, “Yosano Akiko and The Tale of Genji: Ukifune and Midaregami.” Journal of the Association of Teachers of Japanese 28.2: 157-174.


“Making a Living from Genji: Yosano Akiko and Her Work on The Tale of Genji.” Journal of the Association of Teachers of Japanese 25.1: 27-43.